Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pochade carriers, in black, maroon, blue and green. 

I have put labels on the fronts: perhaps they should be slightly smaller. The carriers have to be simple and elegant. But they should also be cheap to produce and robust., fit for their purpose, which is to carry pictures around securely. That they are somewhat irregular should be part of their appeal. But there is a balance to be found between irregularity and sloppiness.

The carriers are popular with buyers, who enjoy seeing the paintings in them. This is partly because the carriers give a feeling of the plein air experience, and because there is always something beguiling about having to open something to see what is hidden inside. 

This touches on the experience of art as the revealing of something hidden: another person`s subjectivity, a notion which sits happily in contrast to the extrovert activity of travel painting.


My next big trip is in July, the other side of the World Cup. I go to Bolivia. It seems an awfully long time to wait. I find regular "civilian" life extremely boring. I like waking up in hotels and being presented with new scenarios every day.  Brazil is very far away from everywhere else and it is expensive to get around, even to Uruguay. But perhaps I`ll think of something.

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