Sunday, July 6, 2014


Bolivia, from Dorling Kindersley`s Atlas

The itinerary for my Bolivian expedition is as follows: fly to Campo Grande in Mato Grosso, Brazil, then bus to Corumba. Then  train to Santa Cruz. Then bus to Sucre, Potosi and La Paz, in which three cities I will spend the majority of my time. I return from La Paz taking the bus and stopping at Cochabamba, and on to Santa Cruz. I take the train from Santa Cruz to Corumba, before getting the bus over to Campo Grande.

This is far more places than, ideally, I would wish to stop at, but given the size of Bolivia and the slowness of buses, I think it is better to break up my journeys. It is unfortunate that the more interesting parts of Bolivia are the furthest away.


I am overjoyed to be moving again. The last months here have bored me stiff. This is a tedious little city- or rather, collection of suburbs- whose inhabitants seem to believe that going to shopping malls is the most diverting activity imaginable.

It has been rained considerably too, making me housebound, and I am not really constructed for domesticity. I wish I had planned the year better to avoid the World Cup, and the heat of January too.  Next year I will travel through January and February.

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