Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bolivian charm sweets - Pachymama sugar tiles

The inverted perspective here is quite magnificent.

Bolivian sweets, bought in a Juju shop in Potosi, where they sold all manner of bizarre items, including dried lama calves. These are made of sugar and are about 2.5 cm across.

I don`t know how they are used, and I called them Charm Sweets for want of a better description. Please let me know if you do. And also what the last tile represents?

 My Bolivian friend, Solidad Villalta, replies:

 Bolivia is a country of many traditions, and the figures that you show me are very used by the persons who believe in the "pachamama" that she is the mother land, and the persons offer as offering these figures accompanied of incense on the pachamama, every figure has a meaning and they symbolize love, money, business, prosperity, health, it depends on what the person wants.

The persons buy the figuras accompanied of incense and put on fire. The persons drink alcohol and do as a small celebration for the pachamama. Much depends the occasion, and the dates.

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