Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Annual Review: 2014: Flickr, Blogger, Facebook, and other sites

Alfredo Wagner, a small town nearby, oil on card, 16,5 x 18 cm

I travelled to Morocco, the UK, Bolivia and made some excursions in Brazil, including Salvador, Bahia. The Moroccan trip went especially well.


A little posy, oil on card, 11 x 12 cm

I often painted flowers. I like painting flowers because it can be very intimate and one can use very bright colours. If the landscapist is paiting the world, then perhaps the still life painter paints his inner world: I carry Redon's torch. 

I increased the size of works, using brighter colours on lighter supports to make more vibrant painting. I am going to increase the size in the next year again.

Looking back, however, I feel I became somewhat channelled into certain compositional and working processes, sometimes becoming repetitious. One finds solutions: why not repeat them? But that way lies boredom. The artist must engage: the sort of landscapist that I am is fundamentally expressionist and one who depends heavily on novelty of experience for inspiration.

 Bolivia: paintings from Potosi

Travel  is often  lonely and tedious. But there is something immensely satisfying about the narrative of a journey: to simply be able to state in paint I was there and then press on; to have gone from a- z. Travel lends urgency to art, and it's not surprising that so many landscape painters were great travellers.

But there are different ways of going about this: the linear journey with stops on a line (a-z); the tour, which begins and returns to point a (a-a); and the star: the option of staying in a fixed point and making excursions from there (a- b, a-c, a-d etc). This last is the least tiring, but does not allow the intellectual satisfaction of having a clear narrative.

There are of course, combinations of the above, but it is this last which I am most likely to adopt in future: this star format frees one from the tedium of packing and unpacking, lugging bags and finding places. It allows one to relax more, to become orientated, and if the weather is poor one day, there is always another on which to work.

Paintings from Morocco: the complete set


I have continued to use this site, and it contains a complete catalogue of my work. I have 838 followers, up from last year's 721.


The number of followers went up from 78 to 83.


I enjoyed using this site to show work, and it`s a good place to make contact: add me there if you wish.


I revised my site here and sold four paintings through their portal. It is wiser to buy work directly from me, however: it is faster and cheaper.


There are no immediate travel plans, though I dream of going back to New York in 2015, and to Scotland. But this depends very much on sales and money, which are, to a degree out of my control. The economy in Brazil is not healthy.



Thanks to those who bought work, offered criticism online or in person. Thanks to those good anonymous souls who assisted my in my travels in Morocco (especially the German couple who bought me dinner when my bank card was swallowed by the cash machine in Taroudant, and the Moroccan fellow who bought me breakfast) and Bolivia. Thanks to my very supportive parents. Thanks to Jonathan Heald for use of his beautiful house in Florianopolis for a little exhibition; and thanks to John Collins and Jane Wheeler for bringing me paints from the UK. Thanks to the Ecclestons for their hospitality and kindness in London.

Marrakesh: cart and market, oil on card, 14 x 13.5 cm


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