Monday, December 8, 2014

Possible pre-selection for a pop-up show

This is a possible pre-selection for a pop-up show up in Rio Vermelho, at a friend`s house, on the 18th. 

It`s important to show work, if only to give oneself a notion of what one has acheived. I`m going to be showing some pictures from this year- a selection of about forty altogether- and I`ll include work from Bolivia and London, though mainly they`ll be from Brazil. 

I`m fairly happy about the general standard- inevitably, there are repetitions and the odd dud, but I managed to maintain a fair momentum across the months, and after selection the display should be reasonably good.


To buy work, please email me: 

All the pochades cost 120 pounds sterling plus 20 pounds post and packing (this covers up to five pochades). I accept the equivalent in other major currencies. 

Pictures take up to 21 days to arrive.


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