Monday, January 5, 2015

Ten recent sales

Ten recent sales: the pictures are, from from top left corner:  Arch, Potosi; View of Cochabamba; A small town near Alfredo Wagner; Auraucaria Tree, Alfredo Wagner; Houses by the river, Alfredo Wagner; Small town near Palhoça; Looking down on the lake, Lagoa; Flowers on a red background; Flowers, first of July; Joaquina, November.

All date from 2014.


It's always a pleasure to sell works: money is wonderful, of course, but so is the feeling of finding a home for them. There is something very sad about paintings in racks- like finding books in storage boxes. Art works are made to be seen and enjoyed.


 The cost of pochades (smaller pictures less than 25 x 25 cm in size-  such as the pictures in this posting) is 120 pounds per item, or other currency equivalent. 

Allow up to 28 days for delivery. Postage and packing anywhere costs 20 pounds for up to three items.

I accept payment through Pal Pal, UK or Brazillian cheque, and direct transfer to my British or Brazillian accounts.

There are discounts for multiple sales.

 If you are interested in obtaining work from this site please write to me at: Or add me on Facebook or Skype to talk directly.


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