Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tijucas, sea, January

Tijucas, sea, January, oil on card, 18 x 16 cm

Tijucas is a small town, just north of Florianópolis, which features some stunning neo-classical buildings. It stretches out along a river leading to this estuary The light is very fine and I will return.


This is the first picture of the 2015 which I hope will be a confident year: one always hopes to find a new, radically different approach, but the most successful changes are usually gradual, often involving somewhat painful reflection. 

I am blessed and curse with such a variety of  beautiful views here: I say cursed because often the best pictures come from motifs that are less immediately attractive, but which force one to consider and invent to a greater degree, as well as taking one away from picture-postcard obviousness. However, visiting such places can be dangerous and is certainly unpleasant.

 In Brazil, such motifs include the strange interzones between city and country with their miles of squalid housing, repair years, rubbish dumps and general dilapidation.


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