Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Drawings for notional murals and sculptures.


Drawings for notional murals and sculptures. 

Should anyone have a place to do these let me know and I will come and make them.

 Gaint cats on garden walls- one leaping the other seated

 A giant horse on a gable

 Cat`s head and cat leaping

A boy and a girl on a garden wall

These pursue themes of gigantism. I very much enjoy the simple advertising, seen in developing countries. There is a sweetness in those advertisements that I`d like to bring to some walls and I would like to do some in Belfast to replace the hateful murals that proliferate there,

The softness of effect given by a pen cannot be reproduced on a wall, so I would have to find a way of creating a gentle quality through colour.

Suspended faces.

Thes two, above and below, are either balloons, or flat representations of faces, again enormous, to be suspended by ropes from tree branches or, below,  supported by long poles.

Poles with faces.

A giant sculpture of a worthy man, with cyclist for scale.

I think tidying the drawings with correction fluid might make them more comprehensible, but they become a little uglier. 

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