Friday, June 12, 2015



Peru, from Stanford's Library series, 1912.

Back home, bored out of my brains, and feeling very much like Richard Hanney in the opening pages of The Thirty-Nine Steps, I plan a trip to Peru. I don't imagine that it will be possible to get there before 2016, however.

As ever, the British Foreign Office site provides delightfully discouraging reading:

Demonstrations are common in Peru and can turn violent quickly.There’s risk of robbery by bogus taxi drivers, especially to and from the airports and at bus terminals. Driving standards are poor. Crashes resulting in death and injury occur frequently. There is a general threat from terrorism....etc etc.

 I think the officials in the Foreign Office would really prefer if British citizens just stayed at home.

Anyway, I have ordered a guidebook. I suppose I won't get into trouble, as I rarely do, and even if I do, I suppose there will be some way out of it.


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