Sunday, August 30, 2015

One from the forest.


Canasvieiras, forest being cut down, oil on card, 18 x 18 cm    SOLD


It feels as if Summer has finally arrived. I score off the days until fly to New York: exactly thirty-one.

I feel extremely bored and frustrated here. I mis-planned the year. I should have organised a trip for late June to maintain my morale. But I was worried about money, and  felt that I should knuckle down to teaching. Perhaps I had also felt that the last trip wasn't a tremendous success, and  that more trips weren't really the answer my general condition of ennui. 

Well, rotting on this damn island certainly isn't either. 

Enough self-flagellation, I shall try to be more directed in 2016, and book the flights to Chile and Peru as soon as I am able.


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  1. There'is a good reason why they are cutting down those pines . They are alien species introduced here in the 70s with the prospect of exploiting the wood. Now, they are trying to replace them with native flora. But these pines have a toxic resin that poison the soil, so nothing groups under them and the soil takes long to recover. Even cutted down, some seeds remain buriend in the ground so they start growing again. They are a plague, but I used to enjoy the feeling of driving in a road amidst a pine forest.