Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Biguaçu, popular housing


Biguaçu, popular housing, oil on card, 16 x 18 cm   SOLD

It threatened to rain, and even began to drizzle slightly, but I continued nonetheless, thus exemplifying that often forgotten virtue: persistence.

The light here and up in Tijucas further up the coast always seems flat and bright and fresh, and although it is squalid with rubbish strewn here and there, I feel content working there- when I am left in peace, that is, as the locals seem particularly keen on conversing with me as if I have just arrived from Mars. The British tactic of responding slowly "umm umm", hoping they will take the hint, to their conversational gambits seems only to encourage them.


I have been looking at pictures of India and it seems to me that it might be perfect for painting, with such lovely colours and the general jumble sometimes so incredibly lively and picturesque. 

I detest crowds and filth and disorder, but perhaps a smaller city would be tolerable for a couple of weeks? As it is very cheap there, perhaps I could go for a few months, visiting several such cities and get a solid body of work together. It is a point of some annoyance to me how superficial my trips so often are.

 The main thing would be to find a cheap flight...


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