Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Taken from Stamford's Library Series, 1912

Again, I reincarnate as Charles Ryder.

This is the plan: on 1st June I fly direct to Cusco, and on the 24th I return to Florianopolis. What happens in between then will depend on how I feel and the weather, but I'll almost certainly go to Machu Picchu, Puna and Arequipa.

Originally the idea was to spend time in Lima, but I decided that I would happier working in much smaller places. After all, the idea is not to see everything but to produce some decent pictures, and enjoy the process. 

Peru is not small nor so close and the flights to Cusco are likely to be quite a monstrous experience. But I do not envisage anything going terribly wrong. Latin Americans aren't, on the whole, actively hostile or interfering- unlike North Africans whose diverse cultures show a diversity of malignancies. So if some Peruvians choose to rob me then they will do so in an amicable fashion- if, indeed, theft can ever be conducted amicably. 

Anyway, join me if you find the idea amusing. 


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