Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting ready for Peru


The thing with the trips is not, I think, to load oneself down with obligation.  To say, for instance, I am in Paris, I must paint the Eiffel Tower..., regardless of whether or not one finds the tower an interesting subject. Such obligations have the counterproductive effect of denying any spontaneity to one`s artistic responses (though one might argue that spontaneity can only exist in the context of of obligations and that my position is paradoxical). Suffice to say, the main thing is to feel relaxed and talk about how one feels in the place, not about how one feels one ought to talk about the place...

I see this trip partly as an answer to Bolivia, which wasn`t as successful as I`d hoped, I`m not sure why but the pictures from Bolivia just don`t quite feel right. Maybe it`s because I always felt like an intruder there,  Anyway, I have very few expectations about Peru- in fact I know very little about it, and I suppose that is a good thing.


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