Sunday, July 3, 2016

A visit to southern Peru; Arequipa; conclusions


 Arequipa, Puento Bolognese, oil on card, 16 x 14 cm 

 Arequipa, Calle Melgar, 14 x 18 cm

 Arequipa, Beateria, oil on card,15 x 16 cm  NOT FOR SALE

This, above, is one of the more successful of the paintings.

 Arquipa, a mendicant, oil on card, 18 x 15 cm

Arequipa, a garden, oil on card, 17.5 x 16 cm

This is the final set from Peru: five pictures from Arequipa. This group is less coherent than the Puna set, though If i'd spent more time there perhaps it would have become more so,



This southern Peru set is strong. It augers well for the next long trip- to Ecuador sometime between Christmas and March.


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