Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Portrait of a young philosopher


Portrait of a young Philosopher, acryllic on board, 90 x 70 cm SOLD

A somewhat deco-styled portrait of a friend. It was painted about twenty years ago in a flat on Maude Road, Camberwell, London.

 I have always found it difficult to paint portraits unless I know the person. The process of painting portraits is rather intimate (at least the sort of more psychological portraiture that I substribe to) and necessitates this psychological proximity. 

A good model is hard to find. It's no surprise that artists find a model and use them for years on end, like Bonnard's Marthe, or Auerbach's JYM. I'd love to find here the sort of person who expresses in postures their mental attitudes, who is thoughtful and has the sort of openness that could me allow to enter their mental set. I'd love to do a series of pictures with them. 


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