Monday, December 5, 2016

A Pop-up Exhibition- Praia Brava, 3 December


The artist being assisted by the capable Miss J. Sekula.

Many thanks to Jolantha and Julia Sekula for organising this evening dedicated to my work at their lovely house in Praia Brava.

Despite wind, rain and a lengthy power failure, the evening was well attended, very enjoyable and resulted in several sales. Thanks to all who managed to make their way despite the challenges involved.

Over the last few weeks, I`ve been systematically evaluating my work over the last six years, and the display showed work covering this span of time, from a variety of places and in a range of treatments. In future shows,  I will have more framed work, and probably a narrower focus.

 Choosing pictures.

Paintings from Egypt, Bolivia and a still life among others

Clilean and Uruguayan and Roman paintings.

Landscapes from Pompeii, and Santa Catarina

Pictures from Palhoca, Sao Francisco and Florianopolis.

Paintings from Bolivia and Alfredo Wagner among others


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