Monday, January 2, 2017

Annual Review 2016: Flickr, Blogger, Facebook, Twitter, Saachi




I went on a cruise to Montevideo and Buenos Aires, though that wasn't terribly productive. And I went to Valparaiso and to Peru. Both those trips were very enjoyable and I was blessed with excellent weather. Indeed I was so impressed by Peru  that I shall return there  in 2017, but this time to the more northern part. 

I shall also go to New York again in 2017. I want to do some painting of Chinatown, as well as to explore further Brooklyn, which seems to me to be so rich in personality.

I intend to go to the UK and to Morocco  too, this time to Tangier, Meknes and Fez. But all that has yet to be arranged. 

Valparaiso, shops, Gran Bretana, oil on card, 16 x 15 ccm

Puno, red car, woman, 15 x 16.5 cm, oil on card

I painted in the interior of Santa Catarina but made no other journeys within Brazil; the reason for this is because of my patterns of work, and because it has become remarkably costly to travel within Brazil- so it seems that it is wiser to put aside the money and use it for more extensive trips in other Latin American states. But I shall continue to visit the interior of Santa Catarina which has a definite magnificence.

A community near Urubici, oil on card, 16 x 18 cm


Now I have 917 Followers, up from 2015's 880, a modest increase. It remains a useful place to show work, and a good way to encounter other artists through showing in the many "groups".



The number of followers went down from  82 to 80. I have no explanation for this, though it might be related to the fact that my entries are now briefer and less frequent. Or maybe reading blogs is out of fashion, and there has been a decline in readership across all such sites.



This remains a good place to make contact and show work: add me there if you wish. I frequently sell work through Facebook and I recommend it to other artists.



There are now 256 followers on Twitter, down from 314 last year.  Twitter is more or less a waste of time: I have no meaningful interactions with followers there, and I will abandon the effort.



I sold nothing through this site this year, again. But I will continue to use it occasionally to show work as it costs nothing to do so.


Plans, thoughts.

The year confirmed the necessity of travel for inspiration and escape: It's necessarily difficult to find the balance between travel and the teaching work I do here to maintain myself., but I'll travel much more next year,. The new double carriers allow an increase in the number of pochades of about forty percent, which means longer painting journeys are possible.

I used the last few months of the year well, going though all the pochades and systematically removing weak work and then more carefully storing the good work.  This editing process is an important way of re-enforcing and understanding ones critical parameters. 

I sold pictures steadily though the year. It wasn't an amazing year but it wasn't terrible either. I felt that I arrived stylistically, and can relax within the techniques and approaches I've developed over the last 6 years.



Thanks to clients, supporters, critics and those who helped me in Peru and Chile. 

Happy New Year! 



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