Monday, April 3, 2017

A visit to northern Peru- conclusions, carriers


Northern Peru: the complete set of 23


I regard the trip as a success. Given the terrible rains shortly after my departure, I was extremely lucky with the weather, losing only a couple of days. 

And most of the pictures are good. I enjoyed painting in Peru. No-one annoyed me as in North Africa where children throw stones and people are often difficult to deal with. The Peruvians are pleasant and straightforward I find, though their food is extremely eccentric to say the least, their breakfasts especially bizarre.

I shall try to revisit Peru next summer, this time for a little longer- six weeks perhaps. Or would it be good to try to go Ecuador- Peru? That might be more fun, more adventurous.



The carriers served well, except that two paintings were  irreparably damaged. This happened in one of the double carriers and the moral is that the double carriers are not good for transportation for any distance as there is a high chance they get pressed tight and the two pictures with are stuck together- much as did not happen to this work, happily:

Two from Cajabamba:  undamaged

Ergo,  the function of the double carriers is limited to their use on a particular painting excursion. Then, the pictures are best left to dry for about a week after which one of the pictures should be removed and put in a separate container for transportation.

This seems like a lot of hassle but it isn't really. There is never a perfect solution to combining  travel and painting: any system that is perfectly secure for the paintings will inevitably become very cumbersome. 


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