Monday, April 3, 2017

A visit to northern Peru -part four- Cajabamba


Cajabamba is a pretty town, nestling in some fine hills, perfect for painting. People there seem to do more or less what they like and the place has a pleasant, unhurried air. I could happily have spent a few more days here. 

ajabamba, small houses behind a ravine, oil on card, 14 x 15.4 cm

 Cajabamba, outskirts, oil on card, 16 x 18 cm

Cajabamba, a view, 18 x 15 cm

Cajabamba: fields west from the town, oil on card, 13.5 x 16 cm

These two -above and below- seem to me to be among the finest of the trip. They're fluent and confident, and seem to me very much of the place they depict.

Cajabamba: fields, oil on card, 12.5 x 15.5 cm

Cajabamba: fields, a little house, oil on card, 18 x 18.5 cm

The mountains near Cajabamba, oil on card, 17.2 x 15 cm 

Hills, Cajabamba, oil on card, 15 x 13.7 cm 


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