Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Thinking about New York


I`m  getting ready for a fortnight in New York. New York is a big bold place and I want to do bigger bolder pictures so let's hope the weather is fine.

I`ve already got the pochade boxes ready. I just need to think about clothes though I`ll probably buy some there.


1. CIMA  (Centre for Italian Modern Art) in Broome Street, Manhattan. De Chirico show.
2. Go to the Metropolitan Museum
3.The Whitney Museum
4. Painting in Chinatown
5. American Folk Art Museum
6. TJ Maxx- get shoes and maybe clothes?
7. Buy Art Materials from Blick
8. Eat American breakfast
9. Eat KFC
10. Painting in Central Park
11. Painting in Brooklyn.
12. Bookshipping maybe.

 I don`t believe in putting too much on my plate. 


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