Saturday, July 8, 2017

New easel


I've been using a half width French easel by Mabef for some time. 

Mabef easel

It's developed quite a few problems having broken in many parts. I've had to replace straps, closing latch and a leg that split. Part of the support for pictures has snapped off and part of the tray broke. Mabef should be ashamed of themselves for using cheapo fittings and materials and putting such shoddily made easels on the market.

In addition it was rather heavy, meaning that walking more than a few miles with it became tiring.

This is its replacement: a plastic workman's DIY box fixed onto a lightweight photographers easel. It's considerably lighter:

Home made easel

But there are disadvantages: it lacks the drawer of the French easel, which was useful to use as a support for a palette. Also, it holds the painting surface less firmly, so that when you are painting there is a slight spring from the support. I will have to adapt my technique to accommodate this.


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