Friday, December 15, 2017

Pre-Christmas Sale featured painting


Painting junk, oil on card, 9.3 x 13 cm, 2013

2013 was a funny, turnabout year for me when it came to working on these small paintings. I somehow gained sufficient confidence to see and face the work of the previous three years and see that the technique required significant revision. 

So I jettisoned the tonal colour of the previous years, which I felt had mired it in a certain greyness. and went for a much more fauvist colouristic approach. And I determined also to follow  ideas about movement and gesture, many of which I stole wholesale from Japanese Art.

Pre-Christmas Sale

All the unsold pochades on this site are for sale (not just those specially"featured") at 75 pounds sterling each, or other currency equivalent. 


Normal postage can take up to three weeks so if you want your picture to arrive in  time for Christmas contact me soon unless you want to pay for express Sedex rates.

 Normal postage is 15 pounds sterling. 

Express postage is 30 pounds. 


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