Friday, March 9, 2018

My Peruvian Adventure: The Lima Art Museum (MALI): some highlights


A selection - rather a miscellany - of things I found diverting at Lima's beautiful Fine Arts museum.

As in Brazil, the tradition of painting is either religious, or sustained by arrivals of immigrants after which it appears to suddenly die. Judging from these paintings, there seems to have been a vigorous bohemian culture in Lima up to the 50s, when it must have been a most charming city (an impression reinforced by reading Llosa`s Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter. My impression of the city since then is that the middle classes moved en masse to live in Miraflores, leaving the old town to crumble.

Ricardo Grau, Portrait of Ana Pizarro, oil on canvas, 1938

Julia Codesido, India Huanca, oil on canvas, 1932 

Jorge Reinoso, Tantahuasi, oil on canvas, 1929

Jose Dieguez, Camilio Blas, oil on canvas, 1927 

Víctor Morey Peña, Yo no soy, ink on paper, 1924

Franciso Laso, Road between hills, oil on canvas, 1850-60

Cuzco school, oil on canvas, 1700-1750

Cusco school,
 Allegory with Indian patron, oil on canvas, 1770 - 1800

There is a delightful room with some wonderful photos including the following-

Juan Manuel Figueroa Aznar 
  Historia de amor y desengaño
ca. 1907

Tienda en Morocochaca, 1928 - 1940 Sebastián Rodríguez

Estudio Vargas Hermanos, Ferretería, 1927


This amusing observational style flourished in the early 19th Century in hispanic countries. There is an excellent collection here. there are elements of caricature, they document clothing styles and some appear to tell stories. 

Attributed to Francsco Cortes, Seated woman smoking,
 watercolour and tempera on paper, 1827- 38

Attributed to Francsco Cortes, Plumed Dancer
 watercolour and tempera on paper, 1827-39

Francisco ¬Pancho¬ Lima, Mercedarian friar dancing the zamacueca,  
watercolour on paper, 10 May 1836

Francisco ¬Pancho¬ Lima, Street fight, watercolour on paper, 1834-41

Francisco ¬Pancho¬ Lima, Announcement for a cock fight
 watercolour on paper, 1834-41

A bee

There is also an array of pins including this charming  bee-

Anonymous,Tupu, Silver cast, hammered, laminated
chiseled and incised, 1830 -1900


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