Monday, July 29, 2019

Ingleses, from above


Ingleses, from above, oil on card, 23.5 x 30 cm

Painted a short way along the trail from the viewpoint of Praia Brava.


Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Praia Moçambique, forest, 4 pm


Praia Moçambique, forest, 4 pm, July, oil on card, 24.5 x 30 cm


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Corrego Grande, a path


Corrego Grande, a path, oil on card, 24 x 30cm


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Santo Antônio de Lisboa, general view


Santo Antônio de Lisboa, general view, oil on card, 25 x 30 cm

This one is very Gillies.


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Think Art- Photos from the exhibition


Another little opening, quite nicely attended for a cool night.

Three landscapes

Landscapes from Santa Catarina

Curator Marcio Fontoura 

Catering by Euerc Artesenal

A band- Curva de Rio

With Miss V. Barros-Debden 

 Thanks to Marcio Fontoura and Adriana for helping set up, to Eureca Artesenal for catering and to Think Art for hosting.




Alexander "Greek" Thomson`s Caledonia Road Church
 -taken from Gavin Stamp`s book (Lawrence King 1999)


Places to visit this time...

I`m pleased to be going to the south side. I see that I can walk along White Cart Water from Pollock House passing Holmwood House to Snuff Mill Bridge in Cathcart. The distance is just under 8 miles so it is best to do it over a whole day with lunch on the middle, or even over two days, as there are the buildings themselves to explore. Polock House has some an El Greco.

I cannot quite"get" the scale of Glasgow. It is very grandly planned, with some huge buildings, and it doesn`t seem suited for idly strolling. The areas outside the listed Victorian centre can be spectacularly bleak. London seems more human-scaled, and New York seems to invite wandering more too. 

I tried working from the buildings of Thomson`s buildings before, believing their deeply sculptural forms would translate well into painting, but if the sun isn`t strong their sculptural qualities lose out to the patchy effect where clean stones break up the sootiness on their facades. It can also be challenging to find an easy place to work from, but perhaps I`ll be more fortunate this time.

I have always found Glasgow to be an extremely mysterious place, perhaps partly because so much of it was demolished and because it`s economic purpose was lost. So one can feel when wandering about Glasgow that one is  looking at a faded photograph, with some parts lost to time. That`s one reason why I love A Very Quiet Street, by Frank Kuppner- it deals with the past, with architecture and equivocation. 

Holmwood House (Alexander "Greek" Thomson)
Pollock House (Art Collection and park)
Caledonia Road Church (Alexander "Greek" Thomson).

I am also looking at walking along the River Kelvin.


“Pinturas Recentes da Ilha de Santa Catarina” de Tadeusz Deręgowski by Marcio Fontoura- Curador (& translation)


“Pinturas Recentes da Ilha de Santa Catarina”

de Tadeusz Deręgowski

Tadeusz Deręgowski é um artista nascido em 1969 em Lusaka, na Zâmbia, formado em belas artes na Escócia, que vive em Florianópolis há doze anos. Seu sotaque agradável e sua voz polida e discreta escondem um gigante pintor das formas minimalistas e um mago de cores, que utiliza estratégias muito bem estudadas no uso das formas. 

Suas obras, à primeira vista simples nos traços e aparentemente relapsas nas formas para os olhares desacostumados, escondem um estudioso dedicado, o conhecimento profundo de técnicas e cores, o desenvolvimento prático e teórico de um artista obsessivo, observador, resiliente e compenetrado.

Quando pousamos os olhos nas suas obras é difícil ficar apenas no primeiro olhar, há sempre mais camadas para descobrir, linhas para seguir e cores para decifrar. É um expert tanto na técnica utilizada quanto na observação da paisagem retratada, é muito interessante perceber em sua metodologia o planejamento de um jogo elaborado de esconde-e-mostra, que dá brilho aos opacos, subverte a luz incidente para mostrar o que está contido no fundo e à frente da forma retangular, fina e rígida do quadro, e, pelo seu traço leve, solto, desafiador da realidade, abre a imaginação do observador para seu leque referencial pessoal de lugares e situações.

Seu uso das cores ocres e pastéis parece tentar segurar na obra toda luz que quer sair, um esforço de sujeição inútil, mas planejado, que adensa ainda mais a percepção dos elementos retratados contidos em suas representações.

Convidamos a um passeio pelas obras do artista aqui expostas, nessa temática de paisagens ao ar livre, e temos certeza que o percurso do olhar será prazeroso e edificante.

Boa viagem!

Marcio Fontoura


Sobre as obras:

Os quadros desta mostra foram pintados em sua maior parte do norte da Ilha de Santa Catarina - no Rio Vermelho, Santo Antônio, Ingleses e Praia Mole, e celebram a natureza. Há também uma pintura urbana do bairro Trindade e  pinturas da praia da Guarda do Embaú e Tijucas.

Todos foram pintados em ar livre, em óleo.

As pinturas marcam um aumento da escala em relação aos anos anteriores, como mostrou a Galeria BRDE em Florianópolis no ano passado. Elas também são mais brilhantes e mais coloridas, respondendo assim mais plenamente à luz forte do Brasil.

No entanto, as pinturas lidam com o mesmo assunto, o assunto necessário da pintura ao ar livre em uma época de fotografia fácil, notavelmente, a sensação de estar em um lugar específico em um momento específico, em contraste com detalhes topográficos ou botânicos. Eles estão conectados a artistas como Eardley e Bonnard.


"Recent Paintings of the Island of Santa Catarina"
by Tadeusz Deręgowski
Tadeusz Deręgowski is an artist born in 1969 in Lusaka, Zambia, trained in fine arts in Scotland, who has lived in Florianopolis for twelve years. His pleasing accent and polite, discreet voice conceal a giant painter from minimalist forms and a wizard with colors, who uses well-studied strategies in the use of forms.

His works, at first sight simple in strokes and seemingly relapsing into forms for unaccustomed gazes, hide a dedicated scholar with a deep knowledge of techniques and colors, and the practical and theoretical development of an obsessive, observant, resilient and competent artist.
When we first see his works it is difficult to take in everything at first - there are always more layers to discover, lines to follow and colors to decipher. He is an expert both in technique used and in observation of the landscape portrayed. It is very interesting to sense in his methods an elaborate game of hide and seek, which gives brightness to the opaque, subverts incidental light to show what is contained in the background and at the fore of the rectangular, thin and rigid shape of the painting. With his light, loose touch he challenges reality and opens the observer's imagination to his personal reference range of places and situations.
His use of ochre and pastel colors seems to try to hold within work all the light wants to leave, a futile, but planned effort to control which further heightens the perception of the portrayed elements contained in his representations.
We invite you to take a stroll through the works of the artist exhibited here, in this theme of outdoor landscapes. We are sure that you will find this pleasurable and uplifting.
Have a good trip!

Marcio Fontoura - Curator


About the works:

The paintings of this show were painted mostly in the north of the Island of Santa Catarina - in Rio Vermelho, Santo Antônio, Ingleses and Praia Mole, and celebrate nature. There is also an urban painting of the neighborhood Trindade and paintings of the beach of Guarda do Embaú and Tijucas.
All were painted outdoors in oil.
The paintings mark an increase of the scale in relation to the previous years, as showed the BRDE Gallery in Florianópolis last year. They are also brighter and more colorful, thus responding more fully to the strong light of Brazil.
However, the paintings deal with the same subject matter, the necessary subject of outdoor painting in a time of easy photography, notably the feeling of being in a specific place at a specific time in contrast to topographical or botanical details. They are connected to artists like Eardley and Bonnard.

Friday, July 12, 2019

A finnal framed picture for Think Art; framing tips


Ingleses, sea, late afternoon, oil on card, 13.5 x 11.5 cm  framed

This one is from 2016 and is the final piece in the forthcoming show to be framed.

 The show will feature seven pictures which haven`t been shown before and eight which were shown previously. 

The framing here seems about right- simple and not too heavy. 

With small pictures the effect of framing is greater than on larger pictures. I have sometimes erred on the side of excessively heavy framing. Using dark framing can worsen this effect. There are paintings which it seems can never be framed perfectly. 

Glazing is also problematic. It`s surprising how much dust there is in even the cleanest house and the paints pick up dust quite readily. But glazing does mean you lose some immediacy when viewing the picture and reflections can also be a problem. There is non-reflective glass but this is textured and slightly opaque and I don`t recommend it.


There is something of Albert Ryder in this textured picture.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Praia Moçambique, forest, morning, July


Praia Moçambique, forest, morning, July, oil on card, 25 x 30 cm


One more picture for Think Art- Guarda do Embaú,


Guarda do Embaú, a view, oil on card,  17 x 18.5 cm   Framed


Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Another framed picture for Think Art Exhibition


Praia Moçambique, tall trees   Framed
 oil on card, 23.5 x 30 cm 


Monday, July 8, 2019

Two framed pictures for Think Art Tattoo Gallery Exhibition


 A view from a grove, Santo Antonio, oil on card, 17.3 x 14.7 cm, framed

Santo Antonio da Lisboa, a view through trees  framed  SOLD
 oil on card, 20.4 x 18.3 cm


Sunday, July 7, 2019

Itajai, art deco church


I don`t think that if you say you are going to Brazil, most people ask if you are visiting Itajai, as it`s a port city with a rather shabby atmosphere and few notable buildings.

 However, there a couple of nice beaches nearby, an enjoyable art centre and this rather nice Art Deco church. Art Deco isn`t a style much associated with churches. It`s far more commonly seen in apartment blocks, seaside archtecture, cinemas and transportation hubs such as airports or bus stations. 

This is a Lutheran church. I couldn`t see inside but judging from photos on the web it`s rather plain. It`s on Rua. Dr. José Bonifácio Malburg, number 415.


Exhibition, Think Art Tattoo Gallery,


This is going up in a few days- 14 pictures, many new and larger as well as some older ones.

 All are from Santa Catarina.


Monday, July 1, 2019

Praia Moçambique, forest panorama


Praia Moçambique, forest panorama
 oil on card, two panels 23 x 30 x 25 x 30 cm

This is the piece in the double format with two joined card pieces

I lose finesse, but gain freedom of movement. It is certainly worth working like this from time to time.