Tadeusz Deręgowski: Artist statement


Artist Statement

I work in oils, usually on a small scale. The paintings are on thick card using a variety of textures, painted  plein air.

I record  my responses to places, buildings, things  and people.  I like like to play with questions arising from the meeting of Eastern Art philosophies with Western ones: questions about spontaneity and the use of absence in the picture field. I love to experiment with different mark making techniques and to play with ideas about colour and harmony.

I most like subjects which are in some way hidden or mysterious: one of the central functions of art for me is the revealing of secrets. I love using art as a form of, and motivation for, exploration.  I enjoy using portraiture as a way of studying people in their environments, attempting to show their inner lives.

I see my work in the line of both travel painters such as Edward Lear or Turner, and expressionist painters such as Bonnard or Joan Eardley: I have a portable kit with which I can easily transport materials and wet paintings.

I plan further painting trips in Latin America, to the UK and the USA.

Tadeusz Deręgowski 

   June, 2018