Welcome: art, stories, films, life


The blog was begun to discuss my artwork as a complement to Flickr.

Later, I expanded it to include my stories, film reviews, and observations about life in Brazil, the places I visit and in general.

When I began the site I first began writing about my art making and was in a state of some confusion as to what direction to go in.

I tried out a number of things from wire sculptures, to model figures to monotypes.

Then, over 2010, I settled into a daily routine of producing postcard-sized or even credit-card sized paintings on card. These are painted plein-air using oils, and pursue subjects and methods that concerned me when I first began painting back in the late 80`s. 

Being a sort of itinerant, travelling painter, like Lear (yet with fewer discomforts) is something that I enjoy immensely, combining as it does the roles of explorer, artist and holidaymaker. I intend to spend a considerable amount of time in the future pursuing longer and longer trips.  I'd love to visit the USA again,  Iran, the Caucuses, Japan and more of Brazil and Latin America. 


I have written fairly few stories in Brazil, primarily because I do not have the audience I had when I lived in London (where I lived before) through the River Writers' Group or the Decongested crowd who used to meet in Foyle's.

I've also written less because fiction writing is, for me, compared to painting, a tiring, nerve-racking process, usually unrelaxing- even somewhat disturbing. Ergo, without the certain vanity pleasure of reading before an audience, writing has little appeal.


Originally, I began putting little film reviews on a site called Rate Your Music, where I had also put album reviews. The purpose of these reviews was originally as an aide memoire, but it occurred to me that others might find them useful.

It will be easier for readers to find specific films there as their index is more sophisticated than mine: http://rateyourmusic.com/~tadeusz598

My first lines are plot summary, then there is a judgement. I try not to watch films that I am likely to hate so the ratings tend towards the positive.


I have made fairly few entries of a general nature about life here in Brazil or anywhere.

Oddly, perhaps, the culture shock for me of living in Brazil was a gradual thing: I am more perplexed by things here than I was when I first arrived. There are other blogs that focus on this sort of thing and do it better, but occasionally something strikes me, and I throw in my ha'penny's worth.


I recommend the index at the foot of the page as a means of navigating the site.

Feel free to leave comments, and thanks to those of you who do. I hope you enjoy the blog.